Candidate for the position of Vice President Opportunities & Community

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More opportunities, an enhanced university experience leading you to greatness.

3 Key Objectives

  • Expression of interest – Universities, especially one in such a diverse community as Birmingham is, there are a lot of interests that need accommodating to. Working close with the university, I would make these opportunities for people to introduce and advertise new clubs that people can get involved with. 
  • Creating an environment for active lifestyles at University – Joining university is a massive step out of comfort zones for many students for many reasons. One thing that can help people physically and mentally 
  • Develop student’s abilities through roles in extra-curricular activities – Being part of a club doesn’t always mean having to be physically involved, by providing more roles throughout the university as well as in the clubs means students will have experience in higher roles i.e., secretary, treasurer etc, that will be applicable in the ‘real world’ I would support clubs in teaching and training these roles meaning club management.



I am running for VP of opportunities & community as I want to create an environment in the university for all to feel they have a place and a purpose with opportunities that will benefit them in their future job roles and give them an introduction into the future past their experience if university life after learning and developing knowledge of key aspects post education.

Through the role I would want to make peoples expressions of their interests and lifestyles more available to share, by making it easier for university supported programmes where training for committee roles and members is available, students could express their interests and after initial help, run the clubs themselves and find other people that share their interest where they may not have been able to before if it wasn’t before available.

In addition to this, I feel it is important to promote a healthy lifestyle into the new independent lives of students, the advertisement of sports clubs, both competitive and not will open to more students. Competition is important but showing students that they can also take part without needing to be competitive rather for enjoyment and health will be overall enhancing their well-being.

Importance of life skills is also a priority of mine, sports clubs and socieites alike need people who running the behind the scenes, this showing you have all types of involvement available. I want to make training for these roles readily available as these skills like treasurer and Presidential roles will provide skills for future jobs for students in which benefits will be seen for both the university in management of their clubs and the students for themselves in the future.

In taking this role, the importance for me is to push the students’ opportunities forward past just getting their qualification in their degree, I want to provide students with skills and experience that they can apply to their CV’s and integrate their passions alongside their courses to make their time at university even more beneficial than what they first though were possible.