Candidate for the position of Vice President Opportunities & Community

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A candidate for the whole community.

3 Key Objectives

  • Expand the reach of BCUSU services to all corners of the University, overcoming previous logistical problems, which can be achieved, in part, by purchasing a fleet of minibuses for use by societies and Students’ Union services

  • Continue to expand upon and improve the process of restructuring of the Students’ Union, so society leaders and student representatives have all the support they need available

  • Increase engagement in student services and Students’ Union activities, allowing all students to make the most of their student experience, both in-person and online where necessary



I have been a student at BCU for the past three years, and I believe it is time to use my experience as a student to give back to this community - and make a positive difference for the future of the Students’ Union. Your experience as a part of this community is very important for student life, and I would like your support to make that experience as positive as possible.

I study in the School of Acting, as well as being an active member in a number of societies, which has given me a great view of many aspects of the university. I have spent the past semester as a School Rep for the School of Acting, and I have seen the great work done by the Students’ Union to make students across BCU feel more involved in university life, and I will do even more to carry on that work.

As a large and varied university, BCU does not always feel as connected as we'd like, which is something I promise to fix. Part of the process of improving connections will be to purchase a number of minibuses, which will be available to all societies and Students’ Union services. This will allow societies to be involved in a wider range of activities in a wider range of places. Furthermore, student services will be more able to travel around the city more easily and better engage with a wider range of students on a daily basis.

I will also support societies by making more space and logistics support available to allow them to flourish. Furthermore, I will support media societies to become the face of BCUSU and allow students to forge their own identity as a community. I will also work with representation-focused societies as working groups to guide Union policy.

I will focus on continuing the work done to restructure the Students’ Union, to ensure that societies and student representatives are better supported. I will ensure that all representatives and society leaders are aware of their most important points of contact, with all the support they need.