Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Voice



Your Voice matters because Your voice is my voice.

3 Key Objectives


My main focus would be communicating  and engaging with as much students as I can for example by organising different activities or games  so that I would know if they have any questions but they are not speaking up.

On the other hand I would love to communicate more with the office so I can forward students questions more so it will be resolve quickly.

This role includes a lot of responsibilities  and my main goal is going to be engaging personally with students and raise their issues.



While studying with the BCUIC, I had an opportunity to be a student representative. From last three semesters I am working as a student Representative during the time I worked and communicate with a lot of students but my reason to stand in election for the role of Student voice is I have seen a lot of students who have questions but never speak up, no matter they are in class or in conversation club with student representatives they never speak and I am worried about it.

As an international student I personally faced a lot of problems after moving to another country and I don’t want others to face any difficulties because university can help them whenever they need help. If I was elected I would love to communicate with students as a friend so that I know what is going on in their lives and raise their issues so that the team would know and try to resolve their problems so that in future students feel free to contact the university and never hesitate to ask questions  when ever they need any support. By doing this the university can improve the service which will be benefit for the students in near future.

It is a responsibility of the student voice president to listen to every students questions , problems or issues not only in their university life but also out side of university life for  example students may have accommodation problem but they are unaware that university can help them out so they never come to the team and tell their problems, here they need someone who listen to them and raise their issue and resolve it who is their student voice and if I was elected it will be an honour to me because I want to help as much students as I can. And this is the main reason I applied for this role.

Because for me Your voice matters because your Voice is my Voice.