Candidate for the position of Vice President Opportunities & Community

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Vote for Hardy to bring in pleasant changes.

3 Key Objectives

  • More and better events will be held in collaboration with societies. Cultural events for every community. Events will be based upon the demand of the students. Open sports day at least once a month. 
  • Focus on sharing the information across all campuses. Events will be held at other campuses as well as the city centre campus.
  • Series of workshops will be held with the aim of improving skills of students to increase their employability.



I am running for this role because I have identified some gaps in the overall student experience on a personal level as well as on the basis of student feedback and I am so willing to do something about it and bring in the changes to enhance the overall student experience.

I am currently doing Masters in Management and Finance and am equipped with the skills to manage and do tasks effectively and efficiently. I do not ditch tasks whenever I see a problem, in fact I make sure that the problem ditches me. In the short time that I have spent as a course representative, I have already brought many issues faced by the students to the notice of higher authority. One of the biggest issue being resolved due to that is that now campus shops accept cash. I personally did not have an issue with the shops being cashless but I did understand the inconvenience it caused specially to new international students and that is the reason due to which I highlighted this issue in the meeting with staff and therefore the decision was taken to let the campus shops accept cash.

I am a very helpful person and that is why I volunteered to become international student buddy to help new students settle in and till date I keep informing them about any useful information which might help them. Students doing Masters spend only 1 year at campus unlike students doing Bachelors due to which it is hard for us to create network and that is the reason why I chose to revive the dormant postgraduate society by becoming its president. Internet is highly useful but it did not help me in getting accommodation or job, people that I know did. That is the reason I feel networking is important, getting to know people is important and if I could bring smiles on the faces of these lovely people by bringing in the change they seek, I would consider it to be mission accomplished.