Candidate for the position of Vice President Academic Experience

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3 Key Objectives

  • Strengthening the communication between staff and students in regards to assessment and lectures by improving the structure and system used of timetables as well as due dates for assignments

  • Further working to decolonise and adapt the curriculum for more accessibility and inclusivity across faculties 

  • Enhance the opportunities and future employability of all BCU students during and beyond the course



Hi everyone! My name is Fiona Rose Joseph and I am running for ‘VP of Academic Experience’ because I understand the importance of how the quality of higher education can shape your university experience as well as life after graduation. I believe by being a second-year course representative along with being an international student, and a woman gives me various insights into how education is approached and can be further improved at BCU. By listening to your concerns and by keeping up to date with trends and developments in Higher Education I am able to select key issues that must be resolved.

As your VP for Academic Experience, I would strive to refine matters such as how the scheduling for lessons and assignments are created and assessed using the software given by the university to the students while keeping in mind the university is still transitioning from virtual learning. Workshops for course representatives on how to tackle further issues will be implemented to support the communication between students and lecturers. Furthermore, by working with members of the student union and faculty I plan to pick up the work done by previous members and to decolonise and adapt the curriculum for more accessibility and inclusivity across faculties. This would be potentially enhanced and achieved by providing opportunities for alternative assessments for students to choose from in every module. Finally, the use of various workshops would aid to fulfil the objective of enhancing employability. Students will have more opportunities to attend workshops regarding topics such as “how to get an internship and ways to explore career prospects”.  

Whether it's a communication barrier or the quality of the criteria for an assessment, change will require someone experienced and absolutely dedicated to resolving it. I ask you to make the decision to vote for me, as a vote for me is a vote for you! Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me to ask me any questions about my objectives by reaching me anytime at