Candidate for the position of Vice President Academic Experience

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Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well!

3 Key Objectives

  • No more business as usual: I am tired too, are you? – I am tired of listening to Listening to pre-recorded - unengaging lecture videos, Unavailability of recommended books from the school's library, Insufficient remedial classes, Spreading myself too thin. I can relate to all these challenges and this is why I am running.
  • Students need balance too: We need to be able to prioritize our tasks, manage time effectively, and ask for help when needed. I hope to make these resources available to all who need them.
  • Reduce the apprehension that comes with managing your Finances: Part of my objective is to help students (especially the self-funded students) with all necessary information/tools to help them better their finances and be in a better position to focus more on their studies which is the primary aim of coming to the University in the first place.


Hello, my name is Favour Nkiru Ede and I am currently running for the position of Vice President Academics because;

  • I have experienced some challenges since the resumption of studies and I believe a lot more can be done by the School Management to help make our Academic lives better.
  • I have worked previously with Student Union as a Treasurer and a member of the student union parliament. I have a track record of leadership, I have a deep understanding of the relationship between students and school management.
  • In my previous roles and involvement in Student Union Leadership as a Treasurer, I ensured transparency and good utilization of the Faculty’s funds towards meeting the academic needs of the students.
  • Also, in my previous roles as a member of the student parliament, I played critical roles in making laws and decisions that are beneficial to students.

As the Vice President, Academics, I will ensure that the needs of the students are heard, listened to, and attended to in a timely manner. I will ensure that every student has the support they need at all times in other to enhance academic excellence, as this will be beneficial to both the students and the school.

My Vision is:

  • Ensure students have sufficient academic materials:  I will ensure the school equips both the physical library and the online library with sufficient books required by students to aid learning. I engage the lecturers at the beginning of each semester to review their course materials and provide adequate feedback with regard to the books/academic materials that will be needed for the semester. This will ensure that the school’s library is informed on time to make the required materials ready for the students.
  • Access to remedial classes: It will be my responsibility to ensure that the students who need remedial classes, get the required support at all times.
  • Student Finance: I will collaborate with the BCU Careers to ensure students get relevant information about available part-time jobs, this will ensure that the self-funded students have financial support.