Candidate for the position of Students' Union President



Students Matter – We Always Have and Always Will.

3 Key Objectives

  • 1. Decolonising the Curriculum - I will work with the leadership of BCU and faculities to ensure that our curriculum reconnects, reorders and reclaims knowledges and teaching methodologies that have been submerged, hidden or marginalised.


  • 2. Student's First - I want to continue working with university staff and faculties creating policies that hold the organisation accountable, making sure students are at the forefront and that all learning and teaching is diverse and inclusive.


  • 3. Timetables - Continue to work with the timetabling department and schools to make sure all timetables are released before students start their semesters, so you can plan your personal and social commitments around your studies.



During my time as VP Academic Experience I’ve developed a better understanding of the processes of the SU and the university. I’ve contributed to board and committee meetings, ensuring the students voice is at the forefront of when decisions are being made. We matter and when it comes to the student experience no positive outcomes will ever happen without students being included in the conversations.

Course quality, in-person learning and proper resources is what we pay for and isn’t too much to ask for. I’ve engaged in committee meetings discussing attainment gaps. I am working with schools to bridge the gap and ensuring staff are making sure all students have equal opportunities and assessments are being marked fairly. I’ve also been working closely with the EDI and the Education Development Service Team with the creation of their inclusive practice toolkit and the amazing change maker students.

The Student Union is for students and I will continue to work hard and campaign, to be visibly seen around all our campuses. Continue working with the SU on the 5 year strategy - to plan and reshape the organisation making it more student led. The student voice should always be at the forefront of decision making at BCU.

Vote for me because I'll make an impactful difference - students matter and we always will.