Candidate for the position of Vice President Academic Experience

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3 Key Objectives

  • Explore using hybrid learning to allow students who both can and cannot come into university to still have a quality learning experience.
  • Build connections between BCU and other institutions, academic or otherwise, to improve employability and learning experiences
  • Improve on the structure of our personal tutoring system, allowing for a better, higher quality experience for students.



As a Scrutiny group member, a Student Representative for Psychology, and a student, I have seen first-hand how BCU’s academic system can fail students. It’s designed for students who don’t exist – students who can dedicate everything to university without considering personal circumstances and employability. I’ll fix this by addressing some key issues contributing to this flaw.

One issue concerns BCU’s lack of hybrid learning – teaching taking place in person and online at the same time. It’s not acceptable that students, like you, who might not be able to  come into university due to various circumstances miss out on valuable information, as if it’s your fault. With your vote, I’ll push for hybrid learning, making learning more easily accessible without anyone going to extraordinary lengths to get worth from their course, and without sacrificing in-person learning.

I’ll also strengthen our employability structures. If elected, I’ll strengthen our connections with businesses, improving the variety and number of work placements we can offer. Additionally, I want to work with other UK and international universities, allowing for international placement opportunities and for external professionals to come to us, sharing their knowledge while allowing for students to network with them.

Finally, I’ll improve our personal tutoring system. PTs either enhance your university experience or take so much from it, but as we get little say in choosing PTs, we can’t do much to ensure a positive experience. I’ll change this by creating a system to pair students with passionate PTs who can relate to and deal with their personal and academic needs, while making it easier for people to change PTs, meaning everyone can have the best PT for them.

Ultimately, this is about you. While my policies will help us all, I want to ensure I’m also dealing with more personal concerns directly. If you have a query or a suggestion I can work on, let me know. I believe that your voice matters, and as a result, I’ll do everything I can to make sure that it does by fixing your problems and working with your ideas directly.