Taekwondo is much more than a sport, it is a way of life. It teaches not only discipline but also integrity and self-control. Through a practice session, you will do everything to calm your spirit and tire your body. From warming up, to explosions of power and letting out all your built-up rage, to small meditation sessions at the end, practicing Taekwondo is the greatest tool to control your spirit.

No previous experience is necessary, in fact beginners are welcomed. We are very entry-level, and every year most of the club are newbies.

For levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 athletes. Excellent for getting/keeping super fit while having fun!


For 1 year, the standard membership is £3.69 for the year 2019/2020, in addition to the non-bucs card (£30). You are more than welcome to try Taekwondo before purchasing your membership, just turn up to one of our sessions. You can join the society at any time in the academic year, and all annual memberships will expire on 31st August.

You may get the membership for various reasons...from training to self-defense and from competition to fitness - flexible to suit all.


Taekwondo emphasizes head-height, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast yet powerful kicking techniques. Hence, training drills might be challenging and require a good level of fitness. But don't worry, soon you'll realize that you're improving and becoming more capable both physically and mentally. It's always you vs you - you are here to challenge yourself!

The training will be WT style, including Poomsae (forms), Kyorugi (sparring) and Hosinsool (self-defense).


From white belt to dans, all your grading will be done by the head coach in due course.


Eduardo Santos - Red belt, black tag. 14+ years of Taekwondo experience. Portuguese national champion.

Contacts with experienced champions and Masters.

Why do Taekwondo

According to the ‘British Active Students Survey’, physical activity, including sports participation and gym membership, improves student’s personal wellbeing, mental wellbeing, social inclusion, and perceived academic attainment and employability.

Doing Taekwondo during your university life at BCU could benefit you to: Enhance self-esteem by heightening your physical and mental powers. Build confidence by encouraging you to succeed and to take control of your life. Develop discipline by thoroughly training your body and mind in the tenets and techniques. Taekwondo is a way of life, it teaches life skills.

Fun to Do – an enjoyable activity for all, regardless of ideals or culture.

Something to Do – Taekwondo provides something to wake up for and look forward to, given how stressful university life can get.

Easy to Do - Taekwondo requires minimal equipment just the human body (and brain). You challenge yourself, and others are there to help.

Important to Do - Taekwondo’s benefits extend beyond the physical. The sport teaches manners, perseverance, and self-control, while its sparring component demands courage.

Taekwondo is a way of life, it teaches life skills.

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