About Us

We are a community for the appreciation and integration of Pakistani culture in to University life.

The purpose of Pakistani society is to provide the new mainly Pakistani students, who are either from the United Kingdom, or have come from abroad to study in BCU, a homely atmosphere. We aspire to grant them the comfort of their homeland that they miss due to being abroad.

Our society is all about experiencing all the fun things that link us all to Pakistan, together. For example, having get-togethers and just being there for each other, to celebrating all the occasions here, that are widely famous in Pakistan. We aim to bring all Pakistani together, under one roof, and have the time of our lives at every meetup/event.

The Committee
President Abdullah Asim
Treasurer Muhammad Abdullah Siddiqui
Secretary Maria Karim
Participation and Inclusion Officer Maryam Khizar
Head of Events Sairah Salahuddin Qureshi
Head of Marketing Nabil QureshiI
Creative Director Sarah Asim
Main Location

City Centre

Membership Fee: £4

2020/21 memberships will go live on Tuesday 1st September 2020, and all annual memberships will expire on 31st August.

Interest List

If you join our free Interest List, you will be added to our mailing list temporarily. By being on the Interest List mailing list you will hear about the events we are hosting during Give It A Go Month. Give It a Go Month runs from 12th September - 12th October and is the perfect time to try out our society! If you wish to take part in our society after this time, you will need to make sure you pay for your annual membership to our society.

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