Welcome to the Mooting Society’s BCUSU Page.

Predominately we are a society for Law students, but we welcome anyone to join. Our most basic aim in the society is to develop the skills required for mooting to help boost people’s chances in the law profession, though the skills aren’t just applicable to law students; public speaking, research, rational thinking; all these are skills we want to foster in the members of the mooting society.

Throughout the year we intend to run a number of events, both social and academic; these include workshops on mooting as well as internal and external moots.

Due to the hard work of the mooting society and its members, the society has a reputation of being one of the best mooting societies in the country, and having recently won a national external competition, we have cemented our reputation.

Any questions feel free to ask on our Facebook group, or email us directly.


The Mooting Society Executive Team

The Committee
  • President - Marium
  • Vice President - Sam
  • Treasurer - Dhanusha
Main Campus

City Centre


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No news currently, but come back regularly to see what we're upto!
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