Main Aim:

The aim is to bring like-minded people together, to educate, inspire and promote acceptance within the 21st century society. We want to introduce all members of all ethnicities and cultures to other people’s values and ways of life and raise money for various charities to demonstrate the importance of humanitarianism, equality and diversity. 

Our society has a place for all BCU students of different ethnicities and cultures and we will ensure everyone feels welcome while introducing individuals to different cultures to encourage cultural appreciation and to embrace diversity. 

So why should you join?

You can take part in weekly debates, quizzes and game nights and get involved in exciting fundraising events and support/talk groups will be available for those who wish to share their experiences of discrimination. Soon, we will be organising a meet and greet session so all of our members can get to know one another and you can come to days/nights out! Keep an eye out for dates and any updates on our social media platforms!

How else will we demonstrate the importance of equality and diversity? 

We strive to push three main factors: 

1. Liveability - where people feel connected to their community,

2. Confidence - where people can build confidence in who they are and feel comfortable in expressing themselves, 

3. Productivity - where people can contribute to their communities to show others they have equal opportunities, enriching growth and prosperity. 

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