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About Multi-Faith Society


This society represents a protected characteristic and are free for any student to join. They allow you to meet like-minded people and can offer a safe space for under-represented communities.

However we still need a committee to run the society - if you're interested in helping out, send an email to and we'll be in touch!
What We Do

Multi-Faith society is based on different faiths, where one can learn about different backgrounds and cultures. We aim to help those in need without thinking about their religion, by uniting faith groups in the pursuit of shared goals (such as climate change or homelessness). 

Socials: We host socials which strengthen the bonds between faith communities at your Students' Union. We strive to create a space that anybody is able to engage with, whether you follow a specific religion or are just curious. We're always open to ideas, and feel free to reach out to us to get involved. 

Our Committee

Convener Unfilled
Treasurer Anja Smeding
Buddhism Officer Unfilled
Christianity Officer Unfilled
Islamic Officer Unfilled
Judaism Officer Unfilled
Sikhism Officer Unfilled
Spirituality Officer Unfilled
Participation and Inclusion Officer Unfilled
Our Membership Fee: FREE

We are Protected!

Our Society is a Protected Society, which means we never close down, are free to join and are funded by your Students' Union for our events and activities.

This is because we represent a key demographic of Birmingham City University, and are recognised by the National Union of Students as part of their Liberation Campaign.

No elections running at the moment
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