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About Gardening Society


President- Ashley Forbes

Secretary- vacant

Treasurer-Luke McCombe

Participation and Inclusion- Finn TBD

City Centre Rep- 

City South Rep- vacant

Communication Officer- vacant


About us:

Gardening society is a society devoted to the natural beautification and environmentalism on campus and to give our members the opportunity to take their skills into the real world. The skill we hope to give you the skills to create your own gardens, including but not limited to food, herbs and wildlife. In the past we’ve done litter picks, presentations and regular socials.

Our plans for next year include continuing our work with the canal and river trust, the possibility of an allotment, a trip to the botanical gardens, increase our already thriving membership count and the possibility of an out of Birmingham trip.

If you’re interested the society, you can join us and get in contact with us via discord here:

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