Mission Statement
  1. As a society, we aim to promote the diversity image of Birmingham City University.
  2. To bring together every African student / students of African descendant in Birmingham City University under one umbrella.
  3. To provide support for all African students ( Educational/Welfare)
  4. To promote social interaction between current students and alumni in the Black Communities. ( including : Mentoring and Job experiences in their individual discipline).
  5. To encourage more African students' involvement in the activities organised by the Student Union and the University.
  6. To solicit for African dishes on or around campus.
  7. To give a platform for all African students, to showcase their cultural heritage, talents and the uniqueness of each Country member of the Continent Africa. 
The Committee
  • President - Wilfred Odior (City Centre - Millenium Point)
  • Vice President/City Centre - Elijah Amoako (City Centre - Curzon)
  • Vice President/City South - Runcie C.W. Chidebe (City South)
  • Public Relations Officer - Isabella Aku Arday (City South)
  • Treasurer - Nicole Shingai Nyengedza (City South)
  • Secretary - Joy Oluwaseyi Adekunle (City Centre - Millenium Point)
  • Welfare Officer - Angelina Obas (City Centre - Curzon)
Membership Fee: £3

You can join the society at any time in the academic year, and all annual memberships will expire on 31st August.

Interest List

If you join our Interest List, you will receive the same email updates that our members do until mid-February. After this time you will need to pay for your membership to continue hearing about our events and being able to take part in our activities.

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