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Playing the fastest team sport on Earth, the Birmingham Lions Ice Hockey Club welcomes staff and students from all of Birmingham's universities, including BCU, and is open to both men and women, and to players of all abilities.

Events and socials are held throughout the year, and are great opportunities to meet and get to know the team. Since the team is made up of players from all of Birmingham's universities, the Lions offers a unique opportunity to meet, socialise and network with students from outside of BCU.

The highlight of the Lion's social calendar is the annual varsity event, IceBull, which returns to Solihull ice rink this winter. Now in its third year, IceBull aims to build on its previous successes, which saw hundreds of spectators turn out to see the Lions battle rivals from Hull and Oxford. If you fancy seeing fast paced hockey of the highest standard and on ice brawling whilst enjoying a beer or two, all at an incredibly low price, this is an event for you! You're then invited to celebrate with the team at VodBull, IceBull's official night out venue! Stay tuned for more details later in the year.



The club runs a beginners session on Wednesdays during terms one and two, for people who are new to ice hockey or ice skating in general - no experience is needed. During the session, we provide you with all of the equipment you need to get started, including skates. Our coaches will introduce the basics of skating / ice hockey to you depending on your skating ability and over the course of the session teach you important skills which you can build upon over future sessions.



While we cannot guarantee that you will become the next Tim Horton or Wayne Gretzky, and the chances are that the closest you will ever come to being a Broad Street Bully is if BCU do a supervillain pub crawl, we can guarantee that you will have fun, face challenge and meet and befriend great people. And fall over. A lot.


Please check out our website and Facebook pages for further details: - Main Facebook page - Beginner session page - Website


And like our team page for updates about upcoming events, matches and results:

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