Welcome to Birmingham City University's murder mystery society! 

Have you have ever wanted to play Sherlock or explore the twisted mind of a killer? Do you want to experience the thrill where you race against the clock whilst betting your* life? Do you enjoy murder documentaries or simply loved playing Cluedo as a child? 

We invite you to take the game to the next level - where you're the playing piece...

Brief overview:

You'll get the chance to dress up in your best clothes and meet other people where you will play characters and decipher riddles and clue to uncover the killer. The scenarios will have a wide range, from the classic whodunit to the downright bizzare cases. Sometimes we'll play the classic 'find the killer' and other times there are a higher risks - ones where you* could end up the victim...

So come along, make friends, possibly murder them* and then enjoy some nice food together!


We are proud to announce that we are sponsored by Organised Chaos who will provide all members with Society cards that will entitle holders to 50% off entry to any OC event [examples once confirmed]. 

What you could be enjoying:

  •  regular mysteries (we aim to provide constant riddles to warm you up for our murder mystery get togethers) 
  •  weekend getaways 
  •  days out (murder mystery events, escape the room, etc) 
  •  quizzes 
  •  treasure hunts
  •  and so much more!


Members are welcome to submit their own ideas for storylines as most storylines are written by our very own members!


*when we say 'you' or 'them' we mean the characters you'll be playing.


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