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About BCU RnB & House

We are a BRAND NEW House and R&B society at BCU!!!


We are Nightclub stage performers who are bringing CUTTING SHAPES & R&B dance to BCU...

For all you House music lovers we'll be teaching basic shuffling also known as cutting shapes.. As you start to learn the basics you'll develop your own freestyle to it .. an example of what we'll be doing is on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcUF_htfbxY

Dont worry we havent forgotten about all you Hip Hop RnB lovers.. here we'll be teaching the Dougie & NaeNae but with different freestyles to it.. a good example of this would be to check out chris browns dougie for all you's who dont know what it is.


We'll be running 2 classes, one on a wednesday 4pm-6pm & Friday 3pm-5pm.. Meet up will be in Curzon building bottom floor.


The first 3 sessions will be free... After that it will be £3 for the whole year


Any queries on attending just text me on 07842296688



we are a performance society promoting RnB and House Dancing... 

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