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#LONTANIMAUNITI Against Covid-19

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Please help us with our united efforts to collect donations towards new sanitary infrastructures and equipment for Italian Civil Protection.

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Why are we supporting this fundraiser?

COVID-19 is expanding quickly and Italy is trying hard to fight it back. Hospitals are working tirelessly, and in an extraordinary situation like this one, we would like to contribute.

A proposition from Essex took life thanks to the ISN and the intensive collaboration of the Italian societies in the UK,  to come together and support our home from abroad. The SU Italian Societies are now collecting donations to fund new sanitary infrastructures and specific equipment (such as respiratory devices and masks). Our collected funds will be delivered to the Italian Civil Protection.


What is the Civil Protection and why did we choose it?

The Civil Protection is a national public body that coordinates the politics and activities regarding civil defence and protection of the citizens. It operates nationally in order to prevent and handle human and natural disasters, calamities and emergency situations.
The Civil Protection will redistribute the funds where most needed across all the Italian regions.

We hope that all of you who are experiencing this distressing situation from far away,  and those who wish to make a difference for the Italian community, will join us in our mission to help our home and donate now.



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