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Tackling period poverty with Women's Society...

Our aim to provide period stations across campus facilities by December 2022. Read for more info...

A message from BCUSU Women's Society…


When we relaunched in November 2021, one of our new committee aims was to reduce period poverty at BCU. We believe that everyone who experiences periods should be entitled to equal opportunities in education and should not have to miss lectures due to their menstruation.

Our Secretary, Madii Hussain, said: “People should not be living with the fear of choosing between their families’ survival and buying sanitary products; which are ultimately too expensive and unaffordable for monthly cycles.”

In conversations with BCUSU, university staff and the 2021/22 Officer Team, we've been trying to find ways to tackle period poverty on campus. We've discussed installing free period products, with aim of providing stations inside all campus bathrooms by December 2022.

Research from Dr Angela Hewett, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, revealed that 14% of female students at BCU had missed a university lecture as they didn't have access to period products, and 32 out of 40 women at BCU had struggled to access menstrual products during the pandemic, due to financial difficulties.

Tell us your experiences with Period Poverty by completing this survey from BCU researchers. 


Our Participation & Inclusion Officer, Ridha Fathima said: “The aim is to install sanitary products across all campuses. Ideally, the sanitary products will be installed in female toilets, gender-neutral toilets and will be distributed at the Students' Union reception.”

During Women's History Month in March 2022, we organised a menstruation and sexual health workshop, a bake sale fundraiser, collaborated with a charity called Period Power, and held a stall at the recent Time to Talk Periods event with Arts, Design & Media Student Success Advisors (ADM SSAs) in the Parkside Building. However, there is still a lot to be done to tackle period poverty at University. Look out for our next event on the What's On page, where we will be collaborating with the charity Period Power.

Students, staff and visitors can get involved with this campaign by donating their time, money or sanitary products. If you would like to help, contact us at

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