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Freshers Nighttime Events Announcement

Picture of wristband being worn

At BCUSU, our students are at the heart of every decision we make. That’s why your Students’ Union has decided not to host our usual schedule of Freshers nightclubbing events as part of our Big Welcome in September.

Student safety has been paramount in our decision and we hope to host these nighttime events when it is safe to do so. Don't worry, we are still organising a host of other events for you to get involved in!

Don't Get Scammed

We really don’t want our students to lose money or get scammed, that’s why your Students’ Union recommends not to purchase any ‘Freshers Wristbands’ or tickets to ‘Freshers’ related events. It is unclear from Government guidance whether nightclub venues will be allowed to open in September or in the near future. You could be paying for an event which may not happen, often these events are made non-refundable, so you could lose money.

What to watch out for

Nightclubs and club promoters are losing a lot of income at this time and will be finding new ways to target students through social media, we’d recommend not joining any ‘Birmingham Freshers’ Facebook events or group chats as they are usually set up by promoters so they can sell nightclub events. If you do want to meet people from your course or new students, join our Official Facebook group which is monitored by BCUSU staff.  

Stay Updated

Your Students’ Union understands that you might be disappointed with this announcement, but your Officer Team is planning plenty of other events for you to get involved in during Welcome Week so you don’t miss out on having the best possible student experience.

We really want to to host nighttime events when it's safest for you, this could be at the start of the new year, or later.

Make sure you keep an eye on and our social media channels to stay updated.


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