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A message from Asha on Child Q case

Have you been affected by the case of Child Q? You can access support services at University. Read for more info...

A message from your Vice President Equity & Inclusion…

I am deeply saddened and appalled by the disgusting treatment of Child Q and the despicable actions of the police and staff members involved. 

This incident has further exposed a fraction of the institutional racism that takes place in our educational system and we understand that universities are no exception to that.

If you have faced, or witnessed, racial discrimination whilst studying at BCU from students, staff or externally, submit an incident on the Report and Support tool. For help on logging a formal complaint, contact our Advice Team for free and impartial advice, or drop me an email and I can sign-post you to any relevant services.

As a black woman, I am no stranger to racism and discrimination, however it does not numb the blow when you hear that even children can be victim to the vile and disgusting treatment of racist individuals. Micro-aggressions and harmful generalisations are still forms of racism and whilst regarded as subtle, they are still damaging to the student experience of ethnic minorities. My thoughts and prayers go out to Child Q, I hope that the country has learnt a lesson from this tragedy, and we start taking institutional racism in education more seriously. 

If you have been affected by the case of Child Q, please seek support from the Mental Health services listed below:


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