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A Letter For Your Landlord

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As mentioned in her video and newsletter last week, your Students' Union President, Ivona, has written a letter to help lobby your landlord.  The letter, available below, can be downloaded and sent to your landlord to persuade them to either release you from your rental agreement early, or to reduce your rent.

If you'd like to use the letter to lobby your landlord, you can download it here.

Our lettings agency, Birmingham City Student Homes, who are completely neutral, have already approached the landlords that they work with to see whether they are prepared to offer a more flexible view towards the remainder of their tenants’ contractual obligations.

Our colleagues at the University have agreed that students who were living in our managed accommodation at University Locks will not be charged for the remainder of their contracts if they have now left the halls. This can be backdated as far as 18 March – the point at which it was announced face-to-face teaching would end.  

If you need further help on any housing related metter, please contact our Advice Team, here.


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