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Just about to graduate?
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Are you ready to start earning your own money and chasing that career you’ve always wanted? Let us help you!

Firstly, who said you have to look for a job related to your degree? You may not think it, but while studying at BCU, you have acquired LOTS of valuable skills to better equip you for the world of work. Although your degree has given you more knowledge in your desired field, no course can fully prepare you for the big wide world. Your experience and individual qualities are the secret to where you want to be: either a sunny beach in the Bahamas or a swanky office in London. Wherever it is you want to call ‘work’, you are now one step closer since obtaining a degree.

We’d be lying if we said job hunting was easy, and in fact the irony of it is, searching for a job is a job in itself. Nothing worth having comes easy though right?

BCUSU'S Job Hunting Tips
  • Keep updating and posting on your LinkedIn
  • Always have an up-to-date copy of your CV and Cover Letter
  • Set aside a small amount of time each day for productive job hunting
  • Stop posting/delete drunken photos on/from your social media
    (If your Nan wouldn’t approve, neither will recruiters/employers!)
  • Keep a list of your unique characteristics ready to deploy at interviews!

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking… “I’ve studied my whole life, it’s time to have some ‘me’ time travelling the world!”

Some people will argue that travelling is the ‘easy way out’ and a ‘stalling tactic’ for accepting it’s time to be a grown up. We DISAGREE!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and building on your independence is only going to help you long-term. By meeting new people and exploring different places/cultures, your future path may become a lot clearer.

As lovely as it would be to kick back and sip cocktails in Bali, we would highly recommend seeking work while travelling. After all, you need money to buy those cocktails! Just kidding! Working while travelling and developing your skills is really important and will make your CV glow! The saying ‘work hard, play hard’ is something we most definitely abide by!

As well as paid work, why not look into volunteering while abroad? This will look FAB on your CV and help develop your skills! There are so many organisations out there offering paid or unpaid internships to help enhance your professional experience.

  • Have a plan for what you aim to achieve while travelling
  • Have a plan B!
  • Step outside your comfort zone and explore new things
  • Try to secure some sort of part-time job/volunteering before jetting off
  • Don’t forget your passport and to have any inoculations you need for where you’re travelling too!

If you aren’t quite ready to leave the university lifestyle behind, why not apply for one of BCU’s postgraduate courses?

Whether you fancy expanding your knowledge from your undergraduate course OR want to study something different, there is a course for YOU!

  • Speak to the BCU careers team for advice or visit the next BCU Open Day on Saturday 30th June
  • Create a mind-map with your goals for the next 5 years
  • If you know the career path you’d like to pursue, see if they require a postgrad qualification
  • Want to know more about postgraduate opportunities here at BCU? Click here

The struggles of moving back in with your parents!

We know that a lot of you have lived with your parents throughout your university experience BUT, for those of you that moved to Birmingham from elsewhere, here are some words of wisdom to keep your parents happy!


DO NOT open the fridge and drink orange juice straight from the carton.We all know a savage that drank straight from the carton throughout their time at university. However, now you are heading home, you may want to use the traditional glass to avoid falling out with your family over germs in the house blah blah blah!



You will no longer be able to just ‘pop out’ without your parents texting, calling and leaving 101 voicemails within an hour of you leaving the front door!


NO MORE lying in bed until midday watching back-to-back Netflix shows! Your curtains will be pulled back by a very determined parent at 8am, even on a Sunday! Apparently this is no longer acceptable in the adult world.


DIRTY PLATES can no longer be piled up next to the sink. Unfortunately, it’s time to wash up after EVERY meal! Look at it this way… the parents may reduce your weekly rent if you pull your weight around the house.


RENT (the dreaded ‘R’ word) is something that will almost certainly come up during your first family dinner back home. How you go about this is entirely up to you as you know your parents better than anyone else. Personally, we would advise kicking it off with “I have moved home to spend more quality time with the family”. That may decrease the weekly amount your parents want OR, they may work out your tactics so you may need to think of a plan B. We shall leave that part to you! Good luck!