Society Room Bookings

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Central Room Booking

To book a room/stall in the university, please email with your request. Please ensure your request contains the following information:


Committee position


Event title


Start Time

End Time


Preferred Room

Room Capacity Required

Any further information you can provide


If you need to book a space for multiple, regular sessions, please complete the spreadsheet which is downloadable near the bottom of the page.

Multiple Room Booking

Please use this spreadsheet for booking multiple rooms for one society (for example, a regular meeting on a specific day).

Each separate day you require a multiple booking should be logged on a separate spreadsheet. For example, a request for a room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday would need three separate sheets.

This is an example of the booking spreadsheet that will provide further instructions on how to fill it out: Booking Sheet Example

Download booking spreadsheet here

Once completed, please send your request(s) by email to