Throughout your time as a Team BCU Leader, you will be invited to take part in various training sessions. Our training is designed to give you the basic knowledge you need to run a society or sport, as well as developing you as an individual.

In-Person Training

We hold in-person training sessions at key times in the year. These are usually April/May, after the online committee elections have taken place, and in September before Welcome Fair takes place.

Online Training

All committee members are asked to complete online training before the academic year begins. This online training complements the in-person training and is compulsory for all committee members to complete at least one per year.

The online training can be found on Moodle by searching for "BCUSU Student Group Leader Training". You will need to contact your Student Group Coordinator before beginning so that they can give you the enrolment key.

One Off Training

Throughout the year we host one-off sessions that aim to develop specific skills or cover a requested topic, for example; we run a specific Welcome Week training session that aims to teach the best ways to engage and recruit student members to your society or sport. These sessions are optional.