MSA Eatout Event

Friday 15 October 2021 2pm - 11:59pm kopitiam
MSA Eatout Event
Join the Malaysian Students Association in their Eatout event. There are only 15 tickets available and you can pre order a main and a drink for £10! You must be a paid member to attend this event :)


If you have a food allergy please inform a member or ask for more information.


You can choose 1 main course from these below: 

Nasi Lemak

Char Kuey Tiao

Curry Mee


It comes with one drink (Choose only one):

Kopi (Malaysian Coffee)

Teh Tarik (Malaysian Milk tea)

Ice Bandung (Bandung- Rose Syrup condensed milk drink)


 Serve sides with kuih lapis and curry puff.