Therapy Dog Visit

Tuesday 14 September 2021 11am - 1pm The Point, Mary Seacole Building, City South Campus
Therapy Dog Visit
Ruby the Therapy Dog is coming to campus, and she can't wait to meet you!


No booking needed, just drop in to the Point (by the Social Kitchen). If you want you'll be able to interact with Ruby, talk to her, give her a stroke or cuddle and give her a treat.

Working in partnership with national charity Therapy Dogs Nationwide, we're able to get a visit from volunteers who take their own dogs to provide comfort, distraction, and stimulation.

TDN volunteers have the unique privilege of volunteering with their own temperament tested Therapy Dogs; some with over 10 years of experience and always focused on benefiting people in the community. Using animals especially Dogs as therapy is not a new idea, they have been used for over 40 years in experience in the care sector. The benefits of Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT) have been extensively studied and results range from improvement in general health and wellbeing, increased confidence levels, improved and controlled movement to improved communication skills. 

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