Pledge Wall - Drop-in

Pledge Wall - Drop-in

Need some help before posting an pledge on our wall? Then drop in and speak to our friendly Student Voice team!

Pledge Wall – What do you want to change!!!

This wall is your space to pledge what changes you want to make to your university journey, the change you pledge to make could be environmental i.e. to recycle more, cycle to university?? For second year and third year students you could pledge to pay it forward by offering support to the new first year students with the practicalities of starting university by offering advice, practical tips, etc. To become more socially aware within the local community. The pledges can be anything that is personal to you. 

The pledge wall will remain open for 7 days from the 16th September to the 23rd September, one pledge will then be selected to win pledge of the week and BCUSU will provide practical support and £100 towards supporting the student to make their pledge a reality. The winner of pledge will be announced on Friday 25th September via the BCUSU website.

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 Wednesday 16 September 2020
 11am - 4pm

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