#StudentOppsFest | Routes into tech with the BBC: turn “neglecting your degree” into a career

#StudentOppsFest | Routes into tech with the BBC: turn “neglecting your degree” into a career

It turns out all those long nights spent rigging, coding and soldering instead of doing assignments/lab prep/seminar reading can be turned into a career which for some reason they’ll pay you for!


Event Information

Join our panel of former student TV folks as they talk about some of the tech careers available in the BBC and how they got there, and answer your questions.

Hosted by: National Student Television Association (NaSTA)


Presented by:

  • Brendan Cunningham – Systems Engineer, BBC Sport (ex-GUST Head of Tech)

  • Kristian Hentschel – R&D Engineer (ex-GUST Head of Tech)

  • Helen Hobin – NHU Kit Co-ordinator (ex-YSTV Station Director)

  • Sam Mesterton-Gibbons – R&D Engineer (ex-YSTV Deputy Station Director)

  • Oscar Schafer – Graduate R&D Engineer (ex- GUST Head of Tech)


Everyone is welcome to attend any of the sessions at #StudentOppsFest. This session has been designed for a student audience.  


The Student Opportunities Festival is all completely free to access.

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 Wednesday 01 July 2020
 4pm - 5pm

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