#StudentOppsFest | Making sense of allyship

#StudentOppsFest | Making sense of allyship

It’s OK that we have privilege; what are we going to do with it?


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The concept of allyship is on lots of people’s minds right now; how to help elevate minority voices without making the issues around race, gender, sexuality, disability, class or age about you. Understanding that there is an increasing demand to learn more and to use their privilege to help others, this session is for those of you who are new to your sense of privilege and trying to make sense of how you can help, without feeling like you're doing it wrong. If you want to have a conversation about what it means to be an ally, I’d be happy to help.

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Lou Chiu - Lou is a culture and relationships coach and consultant who helps cultivate individual and cultural wellness. She uses a combination of lived personal and professional experiences, academic curiosity and values-led drive to help younger businesses and not-for-profits (including students' unions!) untangle existing complications in the workplace, manage conflict between personal and professional spaces, and translate the different languages that are used in relationships at work, at home and with stakeholders.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lou-chiu-51624b32/

Twitter: @lwychiu

Website: louchiu.com


Everyone is welcome to attend any of the sessions at #StudentOppsFest. This session has been designed for a student, staff and sabbatical officer audience.


The Student Opportunities Festival is all completely free to access.

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 Monday 29 June 2020
 4pm - 5pm

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