Landlord issues

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Harassment can occur when the landlord or someone connected with the landlord interferes with your right to live quietly and safely in your own home.

Harassment does not always have to be extreme and can include actions such as:

  • Stopping the supply of gas, electricity or water to your property
  • Refusing to do repairs
  • Frequent unannounced visits, especially if late at night
  • Entering your home when you are not there, without your permission
  • Making threats and/or telling you to leave


Illegal eviction

Occurs when the landlord has not followed the correct legal procedure in order to evict you.

Your landlord has to serve notice to you that they intend to seek possession and then obtain an eviction warrant through the courts. Unless you share part of your accommodation with your landlord, such as bathroom, kitchen and living areas, you can only be forced by County Court bailiffs.

Examples of illegal eviction can include:

  • Changing the locks while you are out
  • Being physically thrown out
  • Prevented from getting into part or all of your home


Other information

If you feel you are being harassed or think you may have been illegally evicted here's what you can do:

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