Your Elected Vice President Development for 2017-2018

Our Vice President Student Development is responsible for creating a personal sense of belonging by increasing involvement in student groups and Students' Union organised activity. The Vice President enables students to fulfil their creative ideas, whilst improving employability and life skills.

About Natalie Chan

Hello everyone, I’m Natalie Chan, your Vice President Student Development! I am so excited to be able to represent you and make a real difference for you. I am very passionate about student groups and activities; I love them more than anything! I’m also here to fulfil your creative ideas and improve your employability. Chan stands for Can and Change – This means I will do everything I possibly can, to make positive change in your University life.

Manifesto Pledges

  • Increase overall funding through fundraising and sponsorship 
  • Improve employability
  • Collaborate with BCU, other universities, external organisations and the wider community to provide the right opportunities for students

Get In Touch

  • 0121 331 6814

Meet The Execs

You can find me and the other Execs in the SU Offices, First Floor, Curzon Building, City Centre Campus.