Manifesto Tracker

Use this page to track your Executive Officers' progress in delivering the goals from their manifestos, throughout their term in office. These are the goals they were elected to achieve, voted for by BCU students during the BCUSU Leadership Elections.

Select an Executive Officer to track their manifesto goals and current progress:

Victoria Aurora Bennett-Salvador - President

Portrait photograph of Victoria Bennett-Salvador

Student Safety

  • Ensure crime safety continues to remain a priority for both BCUSU and BCU.
  • Join forces with everyone, battling for better student safety across the University.
  • Use the Report and Support Tool to ensure #YourVoice is at the centre of decision making.
  • Diversifying Representation

  • Implement fundamental changes both on campus and online to ensure real change can occur.
  • Work hard – and smart – to increase individualised representation for all identities.
  • Gather student feedback on where there are gaps in representation, especially for minority groups.
  • #StudentsDeserveBetter

  • Deliver dynamic post-Covid response to provide you the best student experience.
  • Increase the access to Hardship Funds for International and European students.
  • Lobby the government to deliver maintenance GRANTS instead of loans!
  • Leanna Grant - VP Academic Experience

    Portrait photograph of Leanna Grant


  • To improve system/structure of timetables/assignments.
  • Communication

  • To improve communication between students and academic staff
  • Improve Academic Experience

  • To improve the academic experience for mature, international students and students living with disabilities and improve the attainment gap between the least deprived and the most deprived students at BCU
  • Asha Stewart - VP Equity & Inclusion

    Portrait photograph of Asha Stewart

    Celebrate minority groups and raise awareness

  • Promote, support causes and celebrate minority groups by working alongside culture and faith societies to create events, fundraise and raise awareness university wide.
  • University wide calendar highlighting key dates

  • Create a university wide calendar highlighting key religious and cultural dates and celebrations. I hope to promote and educate students on the significance and importance of these dates through workshops, events and social media posts.
  • Make campus and accommodation safe for everyone

  • Work with University and Mental Health and Wellbeing team to make campus and accommodation areas safer and more comfortable for vulnerable groups.
  • Jinal Shah - VP Opportunities & Community

    Portrait photograph of Jinal Shah


  • Work with societies and sports clubs to promote regular check-ins and provide accessible and reliable mental health support for all students.
  • Facilitate student-led workshops with LGBTQ+ students, disabled students, and BME students, to ensure that everyone has their voice heard on campus and by BCUSU.
  • I will insure all the Faith & Cultural society groups will get Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training, where we can create an open space to listen everyone opinions.
  • Inclusive campaigns, Cross cultural activates/events across all the campuses at BCU (Confirmed once a month activity at City South Campus).
  • I will explore more societies which represent our wider range of student’s community.
  • Sustainability

  • Work with local authorities and Birmingham-based organisations to establish links for work experience, internships, and career opportunities for our university students.
  • Work towards the NUS Green Impact Award – embed sustainable practices across the University and wider community, and actively work to address the climate crisis.
  • Work with students and societies to create and expand resources which promote sustainable practices within university.
  • Accessibility

  • Lobby for increased transport subsidies and reliable transport links for students commuting to City centre campus and City south campus.
  • Work with local councils, and the university to continue the fight for affordable accommodation for students in both University and private accommodation.
  • Dhanusha Hema Reddy - VP Student Voice

    Portrait photograph of Dhanusha Hema Reddy

    Empowering the Student Voice.

  • Promote a greater Students Union Voice presence and will uphold the democratic values of the Students Union at Birmingham City University.
  • Improve relations between Union and Students by creating focus groups concentrating on wider issues like climate change.
  • Ensure that everyone can speak and not only to be listened but also heard. I will also consider race, sexuality, gender, age, disability, and religion to make sure that everyone has equal opportunities
  • Develop the “YOUR IDEAS” system.

  • I will hold regular brain storming sessions to generate more new ideas working with course representatives and school representatives for the betterment of the university.
  • Will organise regular campaigns to create awareness of “YOUR IDEAS” system so that we can help you make your student experience at Birmingham City University a better one.
  • Work with Student Representatives and Students to make the system work for all.

  • Introduce a facility for students to meet with Course Representatives and School Representatives to discuss issues.
  • Ensure that everyone can make their voice heard and express their opinion on the running of the school, regardless of faculty, year, or any other factor.
  • Review our core messages to ensure it is clear what we do for you as YOUR Students Union and all students are aware of our services.