Your Elected LGBT Officer for 2017-2018

Your LGBT Officer is responsible for implementing campaigns and canvassing student opinion, whilst working closely with the Vice President Student Voice and Vice President Student Development to ensure that the social, educational and welfare needs of LGBT students are met.

About Nona Wyld

Coming Soon! Please check back again to find out about Nona.

Manifesto Pledges

  • Better visibility from both staff and students throughout all campuses fostering an environment where people feel comfortable being out and expressing their sexuality and identity

  • Greater focus on LGBT+ History Month with a student pride and events running throughout the month collaborating with other societies and groups around campus

  • To provide transgender and gender non-conforming students a confidential space to offer support and guidance with any problems they may be facing at university

Get In Touch

  • 0121 331 6801

Meet The Execs

You can find me and the other Execs in the SU Offices, First Floor, Curzon Building, City Centre Campus.