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Solipsism is the philosophical belief that everything you believe to exist is created by one's own mind. Writers, illustrators, and designers create new ways of perceiving the world around us; sometimes we need to see the world in a romanticised way to distract us from hardships, while other times unconventional topics must be discussed to gain a better understanding of the world.

Solipse Magazine is a creative outlet for BCU students to develop and nurture their creativity. This magazine is an ideal place for students to publish their creative work in a stimulating environment with the support of fellow creatives. Through these projects, Solipse celebrates the diversity of BCU and the variety of stories that deserve to be shared and expressed. It aims to discuss prominent issues and spark discussions of community, sustainability, wellbeing, and diversity which are the values at the heart of Solipse. 

It is a platform for university students to display their work in a setting that seeks to constantly inspire and value the variety of perspectives that go into each creative endeavor. This team environment will allow students to be constantly inspired and feel supported when pushing the boundaries and exploring the unknown topics that dare to be spoken about in Solipse.

Your work will be published in a digitalised version of the magazine by the end of the semester, and you will be entitled to a physical copy of the magazine. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover your unique voice as a creative writer, illustrator and more.

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