Ohana is a society that produces student-led magazines created collaboratively as a team. The society provides a safe environment to gain editorial experience and experiment with language and design techniques. We ensure that there is a role for every student, including marketing and content creation for the Instagram account. We’re always looking for new members. So, if you have an interest in writing/publishing/marketing/graphic design/ illustration/public relations/photography , we’d love to have you on the team!

What is the magazine about?
The magazine’s mission is to inform, shape debate, encourage discussion and raise awareness of significant, topical and relevant issues with a strong commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion. The magazine’s goal is to make all readers feel like they are a part of a bigger family where everyone is accepted and embraced in society, which is where the name “Ohana” came from. The term “Ohana” refers to a person’s extended family in Hawaiian.

Our Values...
Inclusivity- Ohana values diversity of ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, experience, class, size and more. We seek ways to drive this through every aspect of the society.
Resourcefullness- Ohana values open and honest conversations about where we are in society today and what we can do to help drive and encourage progressive evolution through the content of the magazine.
Community- Community is at the core of Ohana, as we strive to develop an environment and culture that promotes peer to peer empowerment, meaningful connections, transparency, respect, and genuine understanding of one another.

Our committee:

President                                                        Megan Brooks

Treasurer                                                        Ayesha Naveed

Secretary                                                        Nakul Patel 

Participation and Inclusion officer                  Cherie Kwok

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