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TeamBCU Award Winners

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On Friday 24th May we celebrated the accomplishments of our societies and sports clubs in the lovely setting of the Council House. Now that the Awards night is over we can relieve your anticipation and announce the winners!


Think Big Award: This award recognises groups that have been ambitious in their activities and have had courage to put them into practice over the past year. The nominees for this award have made an effort to encourage new members to join throughout the year and have run at least two events that are opened up to the wider BCU student community. Throughout it all, the committee will have been an inspiration to others.

Winner: Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS)


Communication Award: This award recognises groups that are amazing at communicating with their members and the SU, to ensure their members are engaged and the group is active. They will have communicated in a timely manner and responded proactively to members’ feedback, and will also have used a combination of communication methods to advertise their activity.

Winner: Christian Union Society.


Development Award in honour of Guy Charlesworth: This award recognises groups that are always thinking about the long term (not short term), so that they can develop their group, even beyond their time on committee. The nominees will have held events and activities that provide lasting benefits to their members and they will have run their group in a way that ensures the group can continue for future years.

Winner: Cheerleading Club


Collaboration Award: This award recognises groups that have worked extremely well as a team and will have collaborated with other groups, This could be a joint campaign or event with another TeamBCU society or sport, a University/Students’ Union department or even another group external of BCU. They could also be actively involved with the Students’ Unions campaigns, such as This Girl Can, Black History Month or Go Green Week.

Winner: Scratch Radio


Employability Award: This award recognises groups that have actively engaged with TeamBCU training activities (e.g. online and in-person training events). As well as developing their own employability, the committee will have also organised events that will give their members a range of experiences, skills and resources that are attractive to employers. They should also organise events with potential employers (e.g. guest talks, trips, conferences), and advertise the university employability services available to their members.

Winner: Paramedic Society


Inclusivity Award in honour of Rebecca Moore: This award recognises groups that have actively created a sense of belonging for their members and encouraged a diverse range of students to join their group. This could be through hosting inclusive events and activities on campus, or even in the wider community.

Winner: Italian Society


Best New Groups Award: These awards recognise sport clubs and societies that have set up within the past 2 years. The winners will have been self-sustaining to start up and will have planned how to be sustainable for future years. They will have established a good working relationship with the Students’ Union and successfully engaged new members by promoting and running their activities well.

Best New Society Winner: Paramedic Society

Best New Sport Club Winner: Equestrian Club


Members of the Year Award: These awards recognise society and sport club members that have regularly attended events and activities, and have had a positive attitude and commitment to their group(s). They are considered as friendly and approachable and are a role model to students in and out of their group. They engage well with other societies, sports teams and new members.

Society Member of the Year Winner: Shauna Haslewood (Burlesque Society)

Sport Club Member of the Year Winner: Lottie Morris (B.E.S.T.)


Groups of the Year Award: These awards recognise societies and sport clubs that have delivered a wide range of successful events throughout the year, and made a positive contribution to the Students’ Union and other TeamBCU groups. The groups will be financially stable and sustainable and will have seen success in competitions, were applicable.

Society of the Year Winner: Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS)

Sport Club of the Year Winner: Women's Hockey Club


Photos from the Team BCU Awards 2019 will be put up on the Team BCU Facebook page on Monday 3rd June.


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