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24hr Opening in Millennium Point & Parkside!

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Many of our Millennium Point and Parkside students have requested 24 hour opening, especially during this high-demand time of year when many of you have to complete major projects. This is why the University, in partnership with your Students' Union, will be opening both buildings 24 hours, from Monday 27th March until Friday 7th April.

This is an extension to the current schedule under which we open until midnight on weekdays, so spaces with locked-down access (specialist labs, where technical support is required e.g. workshops with potentially dangerous equipment or specialist machinery) will remain closed. But we hope that other spaces being available will greatly increase your options, so if you are a nightowl why not take advantage!

In return, please help to keep the buildings tidy. One final word of advice – if you are leaving any of our buildings late at night, please always stay aware and stay safe and if you see something you're not sure about, please let Campus Security know!


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