Radiography Society's best tips for dealing with stress

written by Nazifa and Xuan from BCU Radiography Society

1. Eat and Sleep

Stress can make you might forget, or put-off, eating and sleeping. It's important to remember that these basic human needs help us to keep on going. Keeping a consistent time where you do eat and sleep might help to ensure you do these things consistently.

2. Use some techniques to re-centre your mind

Use our video?? to help re-centre your mind. When you begin to live in the present, things around you can seem less daunting and can reduce procrastination. Soon, we'll be producing a couple more ways on how to manage your stress, so look out for these on our YouTube channel

3. Create a to-do list, with smaller and more manageable tasks


Splitting your tasks into smaller ones everyday, will help you stay motivated throughout the day. Ticking a task of you list will be like scoring a little victory, when you achieve these smaller milestones you'll be motivated to move onto the next one.These smaller goals can contribute towards a long-term, larger goal at the end of a week or month.

4. Take some time for yourself each day (you deserve it!)

Giving yourself some time every single day, whether in the morning or evening, will allow you to feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes your way. Do something you enjoy in this time, such as watching a movie/series, pampering yourself, enjoying the pure, sweet joy of your favourite food or simply watching nature; it's all about self-care. Don't forget; you matter too!

5. Exercise and keep active 


Moving around raises endorphins, which means you can feel less stressed after some physical activity. Maintaining a good exercise regime will aid stress control and decrease depression and anxieties.

Exercise doesn't have to be effort all the time! There are all sorts of ways to get yourself pumping from quick-paced running to the more mindful yoga. With lockdown, the best cardiovascular workout is using a skipping rope - it's low cost and more efficient than running. Try and find something fun for you!

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