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A chat with LGBTQ+ Society for International Day Against Homophobia...

written by Natasja Hopkin, President-elect of the LGBTQ+ Society 20/21

Meet your new Protected Society leaders!

This day (May 17th) marks the moment homosexuality was removed from the World Health Organisation's international classification of diseases - 30 years ago today.  It is widely regarded as a landmark in the struggle against sexual and gender discrimination. This is now celebrated as International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia. The 2020 IDAHBT theme is: “Breaking the Silence”, further showcasing the importance of ensuring people are supported and have a voice in the community.

Representation is always important.

Showing that the LGBTQ+ Society has a voice in the university and in students can bolster confidence and make it clear there is always a space to feel welcome and have your voice heard. This is a great time for members and allies alike to stand up against hate, from uplifting LGBTQ+ voices to challenging hurtful views.

Next year I’m really excited about branching out and putting more into campaigning, bringing in the whole university as well as members of the society. The whole LGBTQ+ committee is looking forward to celebrating and promoting more events like IDAHBT above - especially our biggest yearly event, Birmingham Pride.

The LGBTQ+ Society is still here for you in lockdown, and has been organising online events from parties to quizzes. Find out what they're planning on Facebook, or Instagram.

What is a Protected Society?

Each Protected Society gives students of marginalised backgrounds the opportunity to build and own communities of friends and allies. They are free to join, never close down, and are fully funded by us!

Join the LGBTQ+ Society in time for Pride Month 2020!


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