Why budget?

Budget Tips

One of the best bits about being a student is the discounts many retailers offer you. Make sure you always ask in shops if student discounts are available as many do not advertise them. Some shops in Birmingham will accept your University ID card but many prefer an NUS Extra card.

Here are some more tips on planning your budget and preparing a money planner:


Utility Bills





Credit Cards

Use these only for emergencies and if possible get ones with 0% interest. Always try and pay off more than the minimum payment. Remember that even the minimum payment can start to add up to an amount that you may find hard to keep up with.


Open a separate savings account where you can deposit the required monthly allowance for bills that do not fall due on a regular monthly basis or to deposit monthly amounts to help save for a holiday etc.

General Tips

Think about all the little costs that add up too.

Finally, if things are really difficult look into getting a part time job to help you out. Make the most of the Employment Zone in the University to check for vacancies from reputable employers.