TeamBCU Awards 2017

Friday, 18th May @ 6:30pm

Holte Suite, Aston Villa

Team BCU Awards is an end of year event where we celebrate the successes, achievements and commitments of all of our student groups, including societies, volunteering projects and sports teams!


You can make a difference by telling us who you think is worthy of an award - the different categories cover individuals and groups for a variety of contributions. Simply follow the links below and tell us why they deserve recognition! Tickets available until 3rd May 2018.


These awards are open to individuals who are members of any society, sports team, individual athlete, media group or volunteer group. Students who engage in any volunteering are also eligible to be nominated for these awards


Colours are open to any individual who is a member of any Student Group – including sports, societies, media, volunteering

Group and Volunteer Projects

These awards are open to any society, sports team, media group, or volunteer group/project


These awards are open to any society, media group or volunteer group


These awards are open to any BUCS/non BUCS sports team, including individual athletes and BCU Active activity

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Considering attending but have a few queries? You may find the answers you're looking for below!

  • Who can attend the TeamBCU Awards?
    This prestigious event can be attended by all Birmingham City University students.
  • Who can put forward a nominee to receive an award?
    Anyone! You could be a fellow student, staff member, university staff member, coach, employer etc.