Quiz Night ??

Thursday 17 September 2020 7pm - 10pm Eagle & Ball, City Centre Campus
Quiz Night ??
Each week we host the Eagle & Ball Pub Quiz and this week starts us off with a big Welcome Week Special.

Thursday evening has always been a popular event as the weekly Pub Quiz evening and therefore will carry on with this weekly event this year, however with a reduced capacity and slightly different operationally to ensure customers stay at tables and socially distance.

The quiz will remain in the same format where it is £1 per person per team to take part with a maximum of 6 people in a team. Some teams will have to be smaller as the seating arrangement in the Pub can’t be changed and so larger teams are advised to get here early or may have to split into smaller groups. All entry money goes into the cash pot prize, the cash taken will be counted and sanitised where possible and then go in the safe, where it is exchanged for ‘clean money’ for the winner.

The quiz itself is formed of 3 questions, 2 picture rounds, and a final music round which usually consists of 2 marks per question. The prize format will also remain the same, with the winning team getting the opportunity to deal or no deal with the quizmaster on either taking a pre-determined amount of the total cash pot, or gambling for the chance to win the total jackpot. This is where they then get the choice of 3 envelopes, 1 containing the jackpot, 1 containing drinks vouchers, and 1 being the booby prize. Any cash that isn’t won automatically rolls over to next week’s quiz.