Money Matters

Advice and Guidance with all things money!

Money Matters Online Events

Student Support Team
16th September 11am - 4pm
Find out more about your Student Support team including financial, student parent, care leavers and more
You’re made for this: Careers in Policing
16th September 11am - 11:45am
An opportunity to listen to officers and staff from West Midlands Police on the opportunities in the organisation.
Money Management
16th September noon - 12:30pm
Are you a first student? Want to know more about budgeting and managing your money at university or want to know what kind of financial support is provided at BCU? Do come along to our Officers led Money management workshop.
Martin Lewis on University fee refunds
16th September 1:15pm - 1:30pm
Martin's bashed out a quick video to help explain the situation and why a reduction in fees wouldn't reduce what most students end up repaying anyway
A Student Guide to Council Tax
16th September 2:30pm - 3pm
For most students council tax should be very straightforward. View the presentation delivered on the 16th to find out how what the rules are for students and how to make sure you claim exemption.