TeamBCU Awards 2017

Saturday, 20th May | 6:30pm

Holte Suite, Aston Villa

Team BCU Awards is an end of year event where we celebrate the successes, achievements and commitments of all of our student groups, including societies, volunteering projects and sports teams!

Winners 2017

  • Guy Charlesworth Lifetime Achievement Award

    Guy was a dedicated member of BCU Men's Rugby from 2008-2011 who sadly passed away in January 2011. Guy was over 6ft tall, weighing around 20 stone but with a heart of gold, he was warm and welcoming to all and never had a bad word to say about anyone.

    Guy heavily immersed himself with the Rugby team and also the Students' Union and became an essential member of the TEAM BCU family, this award has been given out since Guy sadly passed away to students who have similar traits to Guy, of dedication, loyalty, warmth, love of the SU and an all-round positive contribution to life.

    The winner of this award was described as a huge part of BCUSU and someone who goes above and beyond at all times.

    • Shortlist:
    • Georgia Coakley
    • Harrison Blair
    • Jack Hogan
    • Lawrence Marshall
    • Winner:
    • Jack Hogan
  • Rebecca Moore Immediate Impact Award

    Bec was a dedicated member of BCU women's football, however she sadly passed away in 2015. Becs passion for football was evident in her contribution to the women's football team and her love for Leicester city.

    Bec was one of those people that went of her own way for others and always ensured everyone felt a member of the Team BCU Family.

    For this award, we were looking for an individual who made an immediate impact and showed dedication from the off, as well as always being friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic.

    The winner of this award had 4 nominations and was described as incredibly approachable, always thinking big and essential to the great work of their student group.

    • Shortlist
    • Alexander Andrews
    • Annika Gerdes
    • Jessica Howard
    • Richard Davies
    • Winner
    • Alexander Andrews
  • Volunteer of the Year Award

    For this award, we were looking for an individual who gave an outstanding contribution to projects, had consistent and enthusiastic interaction with the Students’ Union, and who collated a good number of hours volunteered via the use of the Stand Out volunteer scheme – but most importantly, has a passion to help others.

    The winner of this award runs a Student Group but also volunteers in lots of other areas, they were described as someone who puts their heart and soul into everything.

    • Shortlist:
    • Georgina Montgomery
    • Rebecca Chivers
    • Shannon Barnard
    • Winner:
    • Shannon Barnard
  • Best New Student Group

    With new groups, we were looking for those who could show us; sustainability, forward planning, engagement, relationship with the SU, and good promotion and marketing.

    The winner of this award was described as an excellent example of a new group hitting the ground running signing up many members despite some financial barriers.

    • Nominations
    • Illustration Society
    • Mental Health Awareness
    • Rowing
    • Women’s Fitness
    • Winner
    • Rowing
  • Student Group Event of the Year

    The criteria for this award included: a well organised event; engagement, inclusivity and diversity; and good working relationships with the SU and other organisations.

    The event that won this award was described as a major success, an inclusive event and one that showed great collaborative work.

    • Nominations:
    • Burlesque – Cirque Du Freak
    • HACS - Hackathon
    • Men and Women's Hockey - Colourfest
    • Sikh Society - Langar
    • Winner:
    • Men and Women's Hockey - Colourfest
  • Volunteer / Charitable Project of the Year

    For this award, we wanted to see a project which was engaging, had an impact on the community, was well organised, and showed a good working relationship with the Students’ Union.

    The winner project had an excellent impact on the community through raising awareness and raising funds for charity.

    • Shortlist:
    • Agape – Box packing and Women Speak Out Campaign
    • Easter Card Event – Shannon Barnard
    • Mental Health Showcase; Burlesque, Write Club, LGBTQ+, Illustration, Mental Health Society, DJ Society
    • BCU Rock Climbing Fundraising
    • Red Nose Fundraiser - RAG
    • Winner:
    • Mental Health Showcase; Burlesque, Write Club, LGBTQ+, Illustration, Mental Health Society, DJ Society
  • Student Group Committee of the Year

    Here, we were looking at a committee who has grown in terms of their engagement with other groups, relationship with the Students’ Union, fulfilment of committee roles and commitment to engaging and working with its members.

    The winning committee were described as having an excellent relationship with Development & Opportunities and actively working together to conquer various issues alongside involving all of their members in their activities.

    • Shortlist:
    • HACS
    • Law Society
    • Write Club
    • Winner:
    • HACS
  • Most Improved Student Group

    Here, we wanted to see a group who have increased their membership, increased their commitment and dedication, improved their performance and generally had a bigger impact.

    All of these groups have improved hugely this year, but the winning group massively increased membership and held more events, as well as supporting many other Student Groups.

    • Shortlist:
    • DJ Society
    • Howard League
    • LGBTQ+ Society
    • Volleyball
    • Yoga
    • Winner:
    • DJ Society
  • Society of the Year

    Here, we were looking for a society who is excellent at delivering and participating in a wide range of successful activities, which are engaging and inclusive. This, in turn, contributed positively to the Students’ Union. We were looking for a group who is active and successful in their fundraising and charity work, as well as supporting other student groups and SU activities.

    The winning group received 9 nominations and were described as amazing, and a group that allows students to celebrate who they are.

    • Shortlist:
    • Burlesque
    • Bhangra
    • Crafty Bitches
    • Sikh Society
    • Write Club
    • Winner:
    • Burlesque
  • Society Leader of the Year

    For this award, we wanted to see a leader who: had a positive attitude and commitment; had good attendance to meetings and events; and was a role model to those inside and outside the society.

    The winner of this award was described as someone who lives and breathes for their group, is an excellent role model and someone who makes every student feel good about themselves.

    • Shortlist:
    • Bethany Watkins
    • Danny Philips
    • Ibrahim Ilyas
    • Simon Hui
    • Shortlist:
    • Danny Philips
  • Sports Team of the Year

    The criteria for this award included: overall team performance; positive contribution with the Students’ Union and other groups, inspiring and involving others; success in leagues and competitions; and importantly, discipline and dedication.

    The winning group received 10 nominations and were described as continuously raising the bar and having an excellent contribution to the Students’ Union and all sports teams.

    • Shortlist:
    • Cheerleading
    • Netball
    • Polo
    • Rugby
    • Winner:
    • Cheerleading
  • Sports Leader of the Year

    For this award, we were looking for an individual with consistent positive attitude and commitment, someone with good attendance to training and events, a role model figure to all and somebody who is great at engaging with others.

    The winner of this award was described as being completely committed and always willing to go the extra mile for their team.

    • Shortlist:
    • Alex Dyer
    • Hannah Bridges
    • Harrison Blair
    • Jameire Vaughan
    • Lawrence Marshall
    • Niccolo Granieri
    • Winner:
    • Alex Dyer
  • Sports Player / Personality of the Year

    The criteria for this award included: individual performance; dedication and attendance; and positive attitude.

    The winner of this award was described as having outstanding performances, perfect commitment and a main role model within their team.

    • Shortlist:
    • Jameire Vaughan
    • James Murray
    • Luke Lewis
    • Rahul Raikhy
    • Shannon McCarthy
    • Winner:
    • James Murray
  • Colours

    This award recognises any student group member who has been involved for 2 or more years and has provided a positive contribution to the groups they have been involved in.

    This is a recognition of commitment, and not a formal award - every nomination received, where the criteria has been met, has been successful.

    • Recipients:
    • Abby Leigh Simpson
    • Alex Buckley
    • Alex White
    • Alicia Donaldson
    • Ash Holmes
    • Becky Davies
    • Ben Wheatley
    • Bethany Robbins
    • Bethany Watkins
    • Charlie Kemp
    • Charlotte Strange
    • Chris Fute
    • Christian Taylor
    • Ciro Patalano
    • Daisy Rundell
    • Danny Phillips
    • Elliot Mason
    • Emily Goddard
    • Emily Howell
    • Emily Tough
    • Emma Corless
    • Fraser Munro
    • Harriet Dunn
    • Harrison Blair
    • Harry Herevy
    • Harry Philips
    • Heather Kesterton
    • Ivona Hadzhiyska
    • Jack Selvedge
    • Jameire Vaughan
    • James Barnes
    • James Murray
    • Joel Netley
    • Johrah Al Homied
    • Joseph Kachecha
    • Josh Brown
    • Kieran Wilson
    • Laura Weaver
    • Lawrence Marshall
    • Leia Joanna Reboul
    • Lois Martin
    • Luke Shorrick
    • Luke Thorpe
    • Manisha Chaggar
    • Max Elliot-Wilson
    • Mohammed Salman
    • Natalie Chan
    • Natasha Matthews
    • Nona Wyld
    • Olly Pacey
    • Renu Chopra
    • Reva Allen
    • Robert Hackman
    • Robert Smith
    • Sam Stedman
    • Sam Taylor
    • Sam Vere
    • Samantha Lawrence
    • Samantha Lee
    • Shannon Barnard
    • Simran Panesar
    • Sophie Berenice Hibberd
    • Sophie Meadows
    • Spencer Murphy
    • Stephen Platt
    • Tom Howell-Jones
    • Tori Allen
    • Will Hessey