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    No faith room on main Seacole campus

      The current lack of arrangement for those who require a faith space is unjust, as those who wish to pray or contemplate must trek all the way to Ravensbury and Bevan house. This alone may not be a great concern, however, with the day getting dark sooner this can be very daunting and make us feel unsafe. Also, as the faith room is required multiple times throughout the day, going all the way to Ravensbury and Bevan house is disruptive to our learning. The room that was allocated has been turned into a meeting room, which does not feel fair as there are many other empty rooms that we see that could be used instead. The faith room has measures in place to ensure social distancing. We truly hope that this issue is addressed as the current arrangements are unacceptable, especially in comparison to universities such as Aston and UOB who provide a more than sufficient faith space.
    Deena Baskin-Atkinson
    3:16pm on 17 Dec 21 This Idea is materially the same as another Idea, and according to BCUSU's bye laws, no Idea that is materially the same as another Idea may be submitted within the same academic year. Please see the Idea entitled "Providing a Permanent prayer room in City South campus!!!!" if you would like to cast your vote.

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