Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Voice



Your Voice Matter Your Thinking Matter Say What, It Matters


My aim and objectives are to

  • noticeably demonstrate the value of increased academic representation and will push the University harder to engage
  • influence university procedure and functioning delivery based on healthy environment and acumen, ensuing in positive change for students
  • develop our communications to ensure responsiveness, continue to protect, participate in and develop the Student Representation System



I am running for the post of Vice President Student voice for the reason that it is important to know how each student feels about our institution and more importantly to have long-lasting experience during and after our studies. I’d love to represent you as your voices matter to me and believe it can be heard and action will be taken reasonably.

I want to look into making foods cheaper to eat on campus with more reasonable prices, more varieties of food available to students, and to make hot water to be free and available around specific areas on the campus. I feel these would be a handy addition to the library and University. Our physical and mental well-being is a major concern to look into properly. 

It is important to have spaces for recreation that can be more social on campus which are useful for societies and clubs. Also, it needful to consider rest areas that can be used between study periods. In addition, I want to create more awareness of the usage of library resources to students, especially postgraduate students.

As your Vice President Student Voice, I would endeavor to sort out every voice to be heard by, represented by, and involved with the SU at BCU. I believe having more open-minded Executive Officers would encourage a sensible community and I would hypothetically see the sights of the idea of Executive as I sense it could nurture this change.

It is privileged to be involved and serve the students in the University and make the present and future needs to be provided. Developing and maintaining the facilities already in place is a great concern for me. The students need to feel the presence of SU’s in places.

Finally, I am in my second semester at BCU and I have spent time listening to colleagues and other students about what needs to be done right, I am assuring the student body I will do very good work by representing you all and ensuring your voices are heard. Improving student life and a last long experience is my priority.