Candidate for the position of Vice President Opportunities & Community

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Together we are strong!

3 Key Objectives:

  • It is said that Goals provide vision and I believe true life is lived when tiny changes occur.. I would like to set up clubs and social discussions on a weekly basis to encourage students to be a part of University ethos e.g. engage more in sports, and also to support and understand area of their issues.
  • I would like to make more social spaces available around the university, create internal fun and social experiences. In particular, in the evening's societies and clubs could help organize events such as escape rooms, movie night, karaoke night, and game night is all experiences individuals engage within outside but now within the university.
  • Most of the events are held within the Curzon building, I would make sure that there every campus should have same sort of activities and events. so, that students from each campus can interact with each other and make friends.



I am an ideal candidate as I demonstrate a resilient attitude and have an open and connected approach towards individuals. I am running for the role of Vice President Opportunities and Community, as I would want to share my experiences and help develop experiences for new and upcoming students. My positive and proactive attitude allows me to represent a student union and everything we love and care about at BCU. I would also like to identify how satisfied students feel about being supported by the university and the resources provided e.g. identifying if workshops within the library would be provided as drop-in sessions to provide career support. , I would support international students and students who have been impacted by COVID-19 to help interact and engage to spark a lively experience within the university. I believe happiness is homemade and to enjoy a university experience, students need to feel at home and ensure they are heard and listened to. I would strive to make it as simple as possible to be heard by, represented by, and involved with the Students’ Union here at BCU. I feel having a more approachable approach where all students feel heard helps promote a sense of community. I feel it is important to make the Students’ Union as present and involved as possible within the university and the student body, by increasing the promotion of the great things already happening and including external opportunities within.

 As this is my third and final year studying at BCU, and I have spoken to many international students and UK students understanding the worries and areas of concern. As a result, I know the demands of being a student having to maintain both an academic and social lifestyle. Overall, I want to improve student life, make a change and create an enjoyable, open, and connected environment for all students to enjoy.