Candidate for the position of Vice President Equity & Inclusion



All students matter

3 Key Objectives

• I want to create unisex toilets where possible to make sure all students feel comfortable using the toilet they feel applies to them without feeling judged or embarrassed. I know this can be a real issue for some students. These will be additional facilities alongside the male and female toilets. 

• Ensure that students know and have access to all the services (the wellbeing, disability and welfare departments offer). I feel that the University don’t promote these services enough and it can be very difficult to find help when you need it. 

• Sign language interpreter into the Student Union  (societies and other SU events). These interpreters and other support are only available in the class and there needs to be more help with Student Union activities so they are more inclusive.


I am very determined to make sure that BCU is as inclusive and accessible as possible. I am aware that the University can be very intimidating and daunting for many students. I feel I am the best person for this role as I have experience working in the SU.

I have been a Student Trustee for 2 years, my roles has included taking part in Student Trustee Board  Meetings and attending subcommittee meetings called People and Remuneration sub-committee and Appointments and Governance sub-committee (being the voice of students). These meetings have allowed me to take part in what happens around the university, I have applied for VP Equity and Inclusion as I want to continue to be the voice of the students, I want to make positive changes to make sure all students feel welcomed and apart of the university

I have been a student at BCU for 4 years and am currently a course representative. Having ADHD and dyslexia has given me an insight into how other students with difficulties may be feeling.  If I’m elected I would want to make sure all students are welcomed and feel included from when they first step foot into the university. A lot of students feel isolated and lonely and I want it to be my job to help those students feel happy and included.

If I am elected I want to ensure that I take time of out of my duties to spend time with you, the students to make sure you know who I am and you know where to come if you have issues I can help with. I intend to visit all the campuses and hold regular sessions so that students have a contact point for BCUSU EDI issues or just a chat.  It is important that I know what you want so that I can best represent your views and make positive changes for all students. 

I feel that the University and SU offer a lot of help for students but most people don’t know- I want to change this. You will know who to turn to.