Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Voice

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3 Key Objectives

  1. To enhance the platform for students and their representatives to be heard by the Student’s Union and the University by increasing transparency about how the Ideas Board works and also increasing the promotion of it.
  2. To hold more social events and chances for Student Representatives to not only relax, but to share best practices and tips and tricks on getting feedback from students with not only other Representatives for their School, but with other Schools as well.
  3. To increase the amount of areas around the University where Scratch Radio is played. As Scratch is a student run station, it is a perfect vehicle for students to get their voices heard and it would bring a great sense of unity for it to be played around campus.



I’m running this year to help improve communications between the Student’s Union and yourself, because I want every student to feel like they can be truly listened to.

I have previously listened to trans students to get their thoughts and feelings on various issues such as name changing procedures within the University. New procedures are now in place regarding this and they have already started to improve the University experience for trans students.

I already pay close attention to the ideas board and I regularly vote for issues that are raised. I’m also aware of how many people aren’t aware of it or are unsure of how it works. I want to increase transparency and promotion of the Ideas Board as it’s important for people to know that it’s there and how it works.

As a course representative, I know how hard it is to get students to talk to you about their course issues, and about things related to their course that they want to improve, so during my time as VP Student Voice, I want to increase the chances for student representatives to meet each other and share ideas around best practice to gather feedback from their coursemates. 

With Scratch Radio being a station that is run by students, it makes it a perfect place for students to get their voice heard, especially if it is being played all over campus. With more students listening to it, then they can feel empowered to speak out themselves and know that they’ll be listened to.

Above all, I want every student to feel that they can come to me, share their thoughts and feelings about their experience at University and feel like not only are they being heard, but that their ideas will be taken forwards and actioned where possible.